Here is a collection of online aviation calculators I made for pilots to help them plan and carry out safe and effective flight operations.

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Important: As the pilot in command, it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of all information before flight. Please do not rely solely on this website for your aviation needs. If you need to get in touch with us or report a bug, please click here.

Aviation and Flight Performance Calculators

Fuel Calculator

This calculator allows pilots to input their planned route, aircraft performance data, and fuel burn rate to determine how much fuel is required for the flight.

Weight and Balance Calculator

This calculator works out the weight and location of all items on the aircraft to ensure that the aircraft is within its weight and balance limits. It’s a simplistic version to give you an idea. Remember, as the Pilot in Charge (PIC), you’ll need to do your own calculations.

Item Weight Arm Moment
Empty Plane Weight
4 People (including pilot)
Fuel Tank 1
Fuel Tank 2
VA @ Max Gross Weight
Aircraft Weight
Max Gross Weight

True Airspeed Calculator

This calculator allows pilots to input the indicated airspeed, altitude, and temperature to determine the true airspeed of the aircraft.

Enter the indicated altitude:

Enter the altimeter setting:

Enter the temperature:

Enter the indicated airspeed:

True Airspeed:

Density Altitude:

Pressure Altitude:

Performance Calculators

  • Takeoff Performance Calculator
  • Landing Performance Calculator
  • Route Performance Calculator
  • Endurance Calculator
  • Fuel Burn Rate Calculator
  • Specific Range Calculator
  • Runway Length Requirement Calculator
  • V-Speed Calculator

Flight Planning Calculators

  • Flight Time Calculator
  • Fuel Planner
  • Aircraft Operating Cost Calculator
  • Critical Point (Point of No Return) Calculator
  • Great Circle Distance Calculator
  • Top of Descent Calculator
  • Holding Pattern Calculator

Airspeed and Heading Calculators

  • True Airspeed Calculator
  • Indicated Airspeed Calculator
  • Ground Speed Calculator
  • Rate of Climb Calculator
  • Mach Number Calculator

Altitude and Pressure Calculators

  • Altitude Calculator
  • Density Altitude Calculator
  • Pressure Altitude Calculator
  • Altitude to Pressure Conversion Calculator
  • Pressure to Altitude Conversion Calculator

Wind and Track Calculators

  • Wind Correction Angle Calculator
  • Crosswind Component Calculator
  • Glide Ratio Calculator
  • True Track Calculator
  • Drift Angle Calculator
  • Wind Chill Calculator

Weight and Balance Calculators

  • Aircraft Weight and Balance Calculator

Cost Calculators

  • Flight Cost Calculator
  • Fuel Cost Calculator

Navigation Calculators

  • Flight Heading Calculator
  • Navigation Calculator

Descent Calculators

  • Aircraft Descent Calculator

Conversion Calculators

  • Altimeter Setting to Pressure Altitude Calculator
  • Pressure Altitude to Density Altitude Calculator

Miscellaneous Aviation Calculators

  • Per Diem Calculator for Pilots
  • Aircraft Ownership Cost Calculator


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