The Cessna 208 Caravan, known for its versatility and robust turboprop engine, embodies the spirit of adventure with its spacious cabin and outstanding short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities.

As we delve into the cost of ownership in 2024, it’s clear that the expenses extend beyond just maintenance and fuel. This exploration will cover all facets of financial commitment, including insurance and hangar fees, to unveil the comprehensive investment required to maintain this aerial gem for its next journey.

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How Much Does a Cessna 208 Caravan Cost?

Why Pilots Cherish the Legendary Caravan

Since its introduction in 1982, the Caravan has earned devotees for good reason:

  • Versatile Design: With its high wings and sturdy landing gear, the Caravan takes off and lands on runways and unimproved strips alike.
  • Large Cabin: Comfortably fits a pilot and up to 13 passengers, or can be configured for cargo duty.
  • Ruggedness: Designed for hard use, the Caravan keeps flying reliably with minimal maintenance.
  • Payload Range: Can carry over 3,000 lbs payload with a range reaching beyond 1,000 nautical miles.

For private pilots and niche operators alike, the Caravan’s capabilities make it a top choice. Now let’s break down the true cost of ownership.

Purchase Price: New vs Used Cessna 208 Caravan

You can buy a new Caravan straight from Textron Aviation in 2024 for $2.2 – $3.4 million. But many pilots seek used models to save substantially:

  • Late Model Used (2010s): $2.8 million – $3.2 million
  • Mid Model Used (2000s): $1.9 million – $2.4 million
  • Early Model Used (1980s-90s): $1.35 million – $2.5 million

Used Caravans sell quickly when listed, so act fast if you find one meeting your criteria.

Annual Fixed Costs of Cessna 208 Caravan Ownership

Fixed costs will incur regardless of flight hours logged. Budget approximately $25,638 annually in fixed Caravan operating expenses:

Hangar Costs

Expect to pay around $1,700 monthly ($20,000 annually) to hangar a Caravan. Rates vary significantly based on location and amenities.

Alternatively, constructing your own hangar brings long term savings but high upfront investment.


Premiums for a Caravan mostly depend on the aircraft’s value and desired coverage. Allow about $24,000 annually to fully insure a used Caravan.

New models cost substantially more to insure. Shop multiple providers to get your best rate.

Annual Inspection

Figure $14,000 for the mandated annual FAA inspection. Maintenance to pass adds to the cost. Budget $3,500 total for inspection and repairs.

Additional Fixed Costs

Allocate around $605 for aviation weather and flight planning subscriptions.

Variable Flight Costs

Variable costs tally around $65,180 annually for a Caravan flown 100 hours. This includes:

  • Fuel: $240/hour
  • Oil: $5/hour
  • Engine Maintenance: $122/hour
  • Overhaul Savings: $125/hour
  • Incidentals: $65/hour

Some fluctuation occurs, but variable costs remain largely predictable. Expect maintenance to rise over time.

Fuel Costs

The Caravan burns around 62 gallons of jet fuel per hour. At around $5.40/gallon currently, plan on $335/hour.

Shop around for the best fuel prices at local airports and FBOs.

Oil Costs

Budget $5 per flight hour for oil consumption and changes. Your A&P can advise actual rates.

Engine Maintenance

Typical maintenance like spark plug and filter changes, inspections, etc. will run around $122/hour.

Overhaul Savings

Plan on engine hot section inspection (HSI) overhauls around every 3,600 hours. HSIs run $250,000+.

Additional Variable Costs

Miscellaneous landing fees, parking, etc. account for around $65/hour of flight.

Financing Your Cessna 208 Caravan

Few pilots can afford new or used Caravans in cash. But financing avenues exist:

Traditional Loans

Banks offer loans if your credit and financials are strong. Seek an aviation lender for more flexible terms if needed. Compare loan rates and terms before choosing.


Leasing provides usage without buying outright. Research dry lease terms and providers thoroughly. Read all fine print before signing a lease contract you can fulfill.

Fractional Ownership

Spreading purchase and operating costs across a group of co-owners can be a viable option. Define scheduling and other logistics upfront.

My Personal Insights on Owning a Caravan

From my own aviation journey, the thrill of flight comes with thoughtful financial planning. Whether acquiring a factory-new model or a well-kept pre-owned aircraft, the Caravan represents a meaningful investment for the dedicated aviator.

My experience shows the value in thoroughly researching all costs and financing options to make your dreams of owning a Caravan a practical reality.

Wrapping Up

The Cessna 208 Caravan, with its flexible capabilities and timeless design, delivers unique adventure and utility for pilots. Understanding the full ownership costs is key. With passion, research, and smart budgeting, the Caravan can unlock new horizons and opportunities in the freedom of the skies.

For many, renting a Caravan as needed makes the best financial sense. But for those with the resources and requirements for this outstanding aircraft, the costs are justified. The Caravan remains an iconic choice for those seeking to explore the wonder of flight!