1. Hey Sean, great write-up, thanks for doing this! As a fellow low-time private pilot (I’ve got about 350 hours now), I was hoping you might have some thoughts on when is the best time for a first-timer to fly in. I’m debating between flying in on the Saturday before the event and staying until mid-week, or waiting until the Friday before the second weekend and staying until Monday. Crowd size at the event itself is a minor consideration, but the extent of air traffic coming in at once is a bigger consideration. Any thoughts on which of those two options would be better for a first-timer? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! My advice would be to contact the organizers about this because they’ll have the best and most up to date information. They’ll be able to tell you which time would be quieter based on bookings that they’re getting in. Best of luck with your first fly-in there!

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