Wondering what a 6-seater plane costs? Brace yourself for a hefty tag, as these flying luxuries don’t come cheap.

Prices swing from $100,000 to a sky-high $500 million, depending on whether you’re eyeing a modest model or a bespoke airborne palace.

But wait, there’s more! Owning a private plane means embracing yearly expenses like inspection fees, insurance, and hangar fees. So, before you soar, ensure your wallet is ready for the annual dent.

How Much Does a 6 Seater Plane Cost?

How Much Does a 6-Seater Plane Cost? The Price Varies

A smaller plane can be a great option for anyone who wants to own aircraft. Modest-sized planes that seat six can start at around $100,000, and more elaborate, customized planes may cost $500 million or more.

Some other costs you may have to consider include:

  • $275 or more for hangar fees
  • $100 or so for tie-down costs
  • $2000 yearly for insurance
  • $1,200 yearly for inspection fees

Owning a plane involves financial, as well as personal, responsibility. The costs can be worth it for someone who wants the freedom that comes with owning an aircraft.

Thinking of a unique getaway? Dive deep into the financial side of chartering a private jet.

What Kind of Plane Could You Buy for $100,000?

As expensive a hobby as aviation is, you may be pleased to know that six-seater and other planes come in different price ranges.

Many used planes are on the market in the $100,000 range, although a careful inspection is always recommended before purchasing.

Although you can find aircraft below $100,000, many pilots recommend purchasing the best aircraft you can afford. Regardless of the price, you want to ensure the plane has the quality you expect.

Does Cessna Make a Six-Seater?

When many of us have ideas about owning a plane, we dream of something that can easily transport the whole family.

There are good reasons that brands like Cessna come to mind because they are so well-known.

However, despite Cessna’s popularity in aviation, their planes don’t accommodate more than four people. Six-seaters are perfect options for growing families.

Which Companies Make the Best Six-Seaters?

One of the top contenders for the best six-seater aircraft is Beech. This aviation company is often thought of as the leader in six-seater aircraft.

Beech Bonanza A36

The Beech Bonanza A36 has been around since 1970, giving the plane significant name recognition. Although the earliest models had limited luggage space, later models boasted a larger baggage compartment.

Most of these planes have a standard fuel capacity of 80 gallons, with a range of 797 nm and 1,397 lb useful load capacity. List prices for some of the earliest models of these planes average about $60,000.

Beech S35 Bonanza

The Beech S35 Bonanza was produced between 1964-1965. A fuel capacity of 50 gallons, a range of 475 nm, and a 1,415 lb useful load have made this plane popular on the used market.

Although designed as a four-seater, the plane contains a convertible aft luggage area where you can add two seats. As an older, somewhat rarer plane, the S35 has a higher price tag on the used aircraft market, often reaching $200,000 or more.

Beech Sierra

The Beech Sierra has a six-seat configuration without special modifications being necessary. You’ll enjoy a 620 nm range and a 1,030 lb. useful load, with an average price of $46,000.

Piper: Cherokee Six

The Cherokee Six from Piper is an actual six-seater aircraft. Around since 1965, these planes have a fuel capacity of 50-84 gallons, a useful load capacity of 1,665- 1,777 lbs, and 734.9 nm.

What is the Cost Breakdown for a Six-Seater Plane?

Six-seater planes can have a greatly-varied cost, depending on the make and model. Taking a closer look at the cost breakdown will help you make an informed decision.

For example, in a best-case scenario, you’ll be able to pay for the plane upfront. However, if you must finance your plane, you’ll also need to take the accrued interest into account.

Is Buying a Six-Seater Worth the Cost?

The size of a plane has the most significant impact on its cost. Most six-seaters are light jets or turboprops, ideal for shorter, more regional flights.

You’ll need to make refueling stops if you use one of these planes for a more extended trip. Balancing out all of these concerns is very important.

You may want to keep the alternatives to owning a plane in mind. Buying an airplane might be best if you fly frequently and are prepared to pay maintenance costs.

If you take only a few trips by air yearly, you may want to rent a six-seater. You can save on maintenance costs by renting.

You might benefit from joining a flight club if you fly regularly but can’t afford to buy or lease a six-seater. One of the benefits of these clubs is having the freedom to fly the planes of your choice from the club.

Final Thoughts

Want to join the six-seater club? Be prepared to shell out some serious skybucks. But if you’ve got the need for speed and some deep pockets, you’ll be flying high in no time.

Sure, the upfront cost is sky-high, but you can’t put a price on that feeling when the wheels leave the ground. Just buckle up, fill ‘er up, and you’ll be on cloud nine with the whole gang. The sky’s the limit in a six-seater, if your bank account can handle the turbulence.

Happy landings!