The Beechcraft 58 Baron, renowned for its twin-engine, piston-powered capabilities, is a favorite among aviation enthusiasts. I investigated the financial requirements for owning and operating both new and pre-owned Beechcraft 58 Baron aircraft.

How much does a Beechcraft 58 Baron cost? In 2024, a new Beechcraft 58 Baron is tagged at $520,000, whereas models from 1970 to 1983 are valued between $140,000 and $475,000. Annual ownership costs, which include insurance, maintenance, and hangar fees but exclude depreciation, amount to around $36,275. For pilots flying 100 hours a year, the variable operating cost is estimated at about $165 per hour.

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How Much Does A Beechcraft 58 Baron Cost

Why the Beechcraft 58 Baron is a Great Plane

The Beechcraft 58 Baron is often an ideal choice for newly certified private pilots due to its moderate price, fuel efficiency, and effortless handling. This exceptional aircraft delivers a perfect balance of performance, reliability, and affordability for aviation enthusiasts.

Not only can the Beechcraft 58 Baron accommodate up to 6 passengers including the pilot, but it also offers various financing options and features.

In this article, we’ll explore the total cost of ownership for a Beechcraft 58 Baron and the available financing alternatives.

Cost of Purchasing a Beechcraft 58 Baron

The price of a Beechcraft 58 Baron can vary greatly depending on whether you opt for a new or used aircraft. A new Beechcraft 58 Baron boasts a pristine condition and perfect working order and it will set you back around $520,000 before you get into the numerous optional extras that are available for customization, such as various add-ons and features.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, a well-maintained used Beechcraft 58 Baron can be found within the $140,000 to $475,000 price range, catering to models produced between 1970 and 1983.

The Beechcraft 58 Baron, with its immense popularity, presents a range of prices based on factors such as condition, age, and location. First introduced in 1969 and still in production today, this aircraft is readily available on the market. You can potentially find one in decent condition for around $140,000, but keep in mind these tend to sell quickly once listed.

Ownership Costs of a Beechcraft 58 Baron

Owning a Beechcraft 58 Baron entails more than just the initial purchase price. You’ll also need to budget for fixed and variable running costs. The total cost of ownership comes in at an estimated $36,275 annually, with approximately $9,775 in fixed costs and $26,500 in variable costs (based on 100 annual flying hours).

Depreciation costs also factor into the total, but it’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate due to the numerous variables involved.

Owning an airplane, such as the Beechcraft 58 Baron, comes with various fixed and variable costs that beginners may not be aware of. These costs apply not only to the Beechcraft 58 Baron but to any aircraft ownership. When purchasing a new or used aircraft outright, there are no financial costs to worry about. Remember, if obtaining a loan to finance the aircraft, the interest repayment costs should also be taken into account.

Beechcraft Baron

What Are the Fixed Costs for Beechcraft 58 Baron Ownership?

Fixed costs of aircraft ownership refer to the expenses you’ll incur, whether the airplane is in use or not. Even if you buy a Beechcraft 58 Baron and never fly it, you’ll still be responsible for the fixed costs. These include the one-time purchase price, hangar fees at the aerodrome, insurance costs, and annual inspection costs. The total fixed costs add up to approximately $9,775.

Another factor to consider is the depreciation of the aircraft’s value as an asset. Since it depends on numerous variables, such as age, cost, resale value, and market conditions, we can only highlight its importance without providing an exact number for depreciation.

To ensure the aircraft passes the annual inspection, you’ll also need to cover any necessary maintenance costs. While some people categorize these costs as variable, they can be considered fixed costs, as they are likely required regardless of aircraft usage.

Regular subscriptions for services such as weather updates or ForeFlight may also contribute to the fixed costs of owning a Beechcraft 58 Baron.

Hangar Costs for a Beechcraft 58 Baron

The cost of hangar space for a Beechcraft 58 Baron can vary significantly based on factors such as location and the type of storage facility. In the United States, hangar rental fees can start as low as $70 per month, but it’s important to consider more comprehensive options for additional amenities and security.

Alternatively, building or purchasing your own hangar might be a viable option to explore.

How much does insurance cost for a Beechcraft 58 Baron?

Surprisingly, insurance for owning and operating a Beechcraft 58 Baron can be more affordable than you might expect. The cost of insurance can still vary significantly depending on factors such as location, frequency of flight, aircraft value, and type of coverage.

To make an informed decision, compare quotes from multiple providers based on your unique requirements. Insurance premiums for aircraft can differ significantly based on a variety of factors. To find the best rate, it’s essential to shop around, but keep in mind that lower rates typically only offer liability-only coverage. This type of policy will not cover damage or loss to the aircraft itself, but it will protect against damage or injury to third parties.

One of the primary factors in determining the cost of insuring a Beechcraft 58 Baron is the airplane’s valuation. For a used Beechcraft 58 Baron, the insurance cost is approximately $4,400 per year, while insuring a brand new Beechcraft 58 Baron will be substantially more expensive due to the higher replacement cost of a new aircraft.

How much is an annual inspection for a Beechcraft 58 Baron?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires aircraft to undergo an annual inspection, which typically costs around $2,750 for a Beechcraft 58 Baron.

In addition to this inspection, it’s crucial to ensure that all parts are functioning correctly and that oil and other necessary fluids are replenished. The fixed maintenance costs, including the annual inspection, amount to approximately $9,775 per year.

What Are the Variable Costs for Beechcraft 58 Baron Ownership?

Owning a Beechcraft 58 Baron entails several variable costs, including fuel, oil, unscheduled maintenance, and miscellaneous expenses such as landing fees, parking, and minor travel-related costs. On average, these expenses amount to approximately $26,500 per year, with an estimated per-hour flying cost of around $265.

These figures are obviously subject to change based on individual usage and circumstances. Over time, as the aircraft ages, annual variable costs may increase. Contrary to fixed costs, variable costs are only incurred while the plane is in operation.

Beechcraft 58 Baron Fuel Costs

The Beechcraft 58 Baron operates on aviation gasoline (avgas), which costs approximately $165 per hour of flight time. The current price of avgas is about $5 per gallon, and the aircraft consumes 31 gallons per hour.

It’s wise to compare avgas prices at various airports, as they may differ based on factors such as location and traffic volume.

Beechcraft 58 Baron Oil

If you possess technical skills, you can save on labor costs by performing oil changes for your Beechcraft 58 Baron yourself.Otherwise, you’ll need to cover the expenses for labor, oil, and filters yourself.

I’ve calculated that the oil cost for a Beechcraft 58 Baron typically amounts to approximately $5 per operating hour.

Beechcraft 58 Baron Engine Maintenance Costs

Every 2,000 hours or so, the engine of a Beechcraft 58 Baron requires an overhaul. The cost of overhauling an airplane engine can escalate rapidly, depending on factors such as the engine’s condition, age, and hours of wear and tear.

Since safety is of the utmost importance, this crucial maintenance procedure needs to be performed. During the process, the engine is disassembled, and each component, including pistons, bearings, cylinders, and other engine parts, is meticulously inspected.

Repairs or replacements are conducted as needed. The accumulation of flight hours on an engine increases the frequency of complete overhauls. With fixed and variable costs addressed, let’s explore how to afford a Beechcraft 58 Baron!

Beechcraft Baron

Financing Options for Purchasing a Beechcraft 58 Baron

There are several financing alternatives available for acquiring a Beechcraft 58 Baron, as I know from friends who own this type of aircraft. One option is to secure a loan from a bank or financial institution. Leasing the aircraft is another choice, allowing you to use it for a specified period before returning it or even purchasing it at the end of the lease.

There’s also the option of buying a share in a Beechcraft 58 Baron with a trusted group of individuals. Whether you’re considering purchasing a Beechcraft 58 Baron through traditional financing, or exploring alternative loan options, you really should take the time to thoroughly review and comprehend the terms and conditions before signing any documents. Pay attention to the potential costs and responsibilities you may be responsible for.

Taking out a loan for a Beechcraft 58 Baron

One option for financing your Beechcraft 58 Baron is applying for a conventional loan from a bank or credit union. If you possess a strong credit score and a stable financial background, this could be an intelligent choice.

Alternatively, you can apply for a loan specifically designed for aircraft financing. These loans often provide more flexible terms and may be more accommodating to individuals with less-than-stellar credit scores.

Practical advice: Prior to selecting a lender, it’s always wise to research and compare rates and terms from multiple providers. Thoroughly assess your financial situation to ensure you can comfortably manage the loan repayments. Clear communication with lenders and understanding your financial capabilities will help you make an informed decision while purchasing a Beechcraft 58 Baron.


For individuals not ready to commit to purchasing an aircraft outright, leasing a Beechcraft 58 Baron offers a straightforward and cost-effective financing solution.

When you lease a plane, you agree to use it for a predetermined duration—typically spanning several years—in exchange for a fixed monthly payment. Upon lease completion, you have two options: return the aircraft to the owner or purchase it for a predetermined amount.

Wet leases (inclusive of a pilot) and dry leases (aircraft only) are available; however, the dry lease option is most commonly chosen. It is crucial to thoroughly investigate and compare lease options from various providers. Lease agreements can involve complex paperwork, so carefully analyzing the finer details is essential.

As with loans, ensure you consider your ability to make payments throughout the entire lease duration.

Buying a share in a Beechcraft 58 Baron

Purchasing a share in an aircraft allows you to co-own a portion of the plane and operate it in conjunction with other owners. This option may serve as a practical alternative to full ownership or long-term leasing when access to an aircraft is necessary.

Discovering the Benefits of Fractional Aircraft Ownership

Fractional ownership, also known as shared ownership, is a popular and cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of owning an aircraft without the full financial commitment.

This approach typically requires an initial investment for a share of the airplane, followed by ongoing maintenance and operational costs. Local flying clubs often facilitate these arrangements, making it easier for individuals and organizations to access this option.

Fractional ownership of an aircraft like the Beechcraft 58 Baron appeals to those who wish to fly for personal or professional reasons but may not have the funds or necessity for full ownership. It offers a more reasonable and manageable alternative by allowing multiple owners to split the initial purchase price, maintenance costs, and operational expenses.

The extent of each owner’s access and responsibilities depends on the size of their shares in the aircraft. This flexible arrangement makes fractional ownership an attractive option not only for individuals but also for businesses that require regular access to an airplane without the burden of full ownership.

Fractional aircraft ownership provides financial advantages and accessibility to a wider audience, making it an appealing option for those interested in owning a plane without bearing the entire cost and responsibility.

Beechcraft 58 Baron Specifications

Manufacturer: Beechcraft Corporation
Model: Beechcraft 58 Baron
First flight: June 23, 1969
Production years: 1970-present
Role: Light, twin-engined piston aircraft
Seating capacity: Typically 4-6 passengers (including pilot)
Engine: 2 x Continental IO-520 or IO-550 air-cooled, horizontally-opposed piston engines
Horsepower: 285-300 hp (213-224 kW) per engine
Wingspan: 37 ft 10 in (11.53 m)
Length: 29 ft 10 in (9.09 m)
Height: 9 ft 7 in (2.92 m)
Maximum speed: 230 mph (370 km/h)
Cruise speed: 202 mph (325 km/h)
Range: 1,400 miles (2,253 km) with optional fuel tanks
Service ceiling: 20,688 ft (6,306 m)
Rate of climb: 1,700 ft/min (8.63 m/s)
Wing loading: 26.6 lb/ft² (130 kg/m²)
Power/mass: 0.11 hp/lb (0.18 kW/kg)
Retractable tricycle landing gear configuration
Known for: Versatility, reliability, and strong performance for its class

Final Thoughts

The cost of owning a Beechcraft 58 Baron, or any aircraft for that matter, can be quite substantial. It’s essential to consider the relative value of such an investment. Explore the ideal small planes for pilots in our detailed guide.

For those aviation enthusiasts who can afford it, owning an aircraft offers an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. The Beechcraft 58 Baron stands out, its operational expenses not being prohibitively high in comparison to similar aircraft. A detailed breakdown shows its operating costs hover around $362 per hour, encompassing both fixed and variable expenses, with variable costs like fuel, oil, and maintenance contributing approximately $265 per hour.

For newly-certified private pilots, opting to rent a Beechcraft 58 Baron might present a more budget-friendly alternative. In the end, whether to own or rent boils down to one’s personal choice and financial situation.

With that said, we wish you safe and enjoyable flying experiences!