1. Thank you for your great information!
    I’m considering relocating to far northern Canada to work, a single-way flight to the town will cost $2000(yes, two thousand dollars). Now owing a Cessna seems to be more reasonable to me!

  2. hello,
    Interested by aircraft CESSNA 172S & 172SP
    > could you please send me a :
    > – brochure of the aircraft and technical specification
    > – certification
    > – price
    > and what are the finance possibilities?

    * CESSNA 172S & 172SP Price List

    * Prices Ex Works

    * Maintenance Cost from 0 to TBO

    * Attached.

    * Estimated Direct Operational Cost

    * Type Certificate issued by EASA
    * Optional Equipement
    * time limits costs up to 2000hrs

    Thank you.

  3. Someone needs to start a reasonably priced Uber for aircraft to get seniors south in the winter without the hassle or to other provinces (Cape Breton for me). I can’t afford a plane and don’t want the hassle of owning one so this would suit me. I looked at Jettly and the prices are ridiculous.

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